TOP 10 FAQ's

  1. How do I place an order?

    Ordering food with use is simple;

    • Login To Your Account
    • Type in your postal code(we'll find the best restaurants nearest you)
    • Select your order
    • Proceed to payment page
  2. Can I modify or make changes to an order?

    Yes, as long as the food hasn’t been prepared yet or sent out for delivery. You can email us

  3. I accidentally selected pick-up instead of delivery, what should I do?

    For all technical errors regarding an order, you can email us at

  4. Where is my order?

    Remember that during peak hours; (Friday nights and weekends) food preparation takes slightly longer than usual. If you are still concerned with the length of time for your order, you can contact us at

  5. I'm not satisfied with the food that was delivered. What should I do?

    In situations such as these, it is recommended that you contact the store directly, as they are the ones making the food. If you are still not satisfied on a particular occasion, you can contact us at

  6. I have a food allergy, what should I do?

    Before you add your item, make sure you leave a note in the 'Special Requests' box for the item. Be specific, so the restaurant knows exactly what the allergy is.

  7. What cuisine types are available at

    Realeat offers a wide variety of cuisines from;

    • Canadian
    • South Indian
    • American
    • Indian
    • Japanese
    • Jamaican
    • Thai
    • Asian
    • Greek
    • Malaysian
    • Sri Lankan
    • Cambodian

    We are always adding new restaurants, so make sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites for new updates!

  8. My favourite restaurant isn’t on Can I make a suggestion?

    Yes. Have a craving for food from a specific restaurant? Can’t find the restaurant you love within our network? Tell us about it on Facebook or Twitter; we are always willing to work with new restaurants!


    Contact us below at;

  9. I changed my address. How do I update it?

    You can easily change your delivery address by accessing the 'Account', at the top right side of the page.

  10. Can I get discounts when ordering through

    Yes. Not only do we have our own points system, we regularly offer discount codes and promotional codes on our social media websites. So make sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and other websites for your chance to win!

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